Trench Coupling Washer - Rubber

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Rubber Washer for Trench Couplings

To suit standard trench pump couplings.

Size Below - OD x ID x Thickness

  • 11/4"  =  40mm x 27mm x 3mm
  • 11/2"  =  47mm x 30mm x 3mm
  • 2"        =  57mm x 43mm x 3mm 
  • 21/2"  =  75mm x 56mm x 3mm
  • 3"       =  85mm x 65mm x 3mm
  • 4"       =  123mm x 100mm x 6mm

Perfect to suit malleable iron, steel, brass and poly trench pump couplings, steel flat face nuts and hose tails.

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