Hose Tails, Tefen Male BSPT x Hose Tail

SKU: PN15-4-18

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Brand Tefen
Material Nylon
Thread Gender Male
Thread Type BSPT
Working Temperature 0°C to +100°C

Count on T-mex Express: Your Premier Hydraulic Hose Fittings Supplier

T-mex Express is proud to present an extensive selection of hydraulic hose fittings renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. With years of expertise under our belt, we deeply grasp the significance of every component within a hydraulic system, hence our commitment to offering only the best fittings. Our huge inventory and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart as the premier destination for all your hydraulic fitting essentials.

Ever since our incorporation, we have been providing the finest engineering hardware online to both businesses and individuals across the UK, saving them the trouble of bulk purchases or opening an account. We strive to supply top-notch hydraulic fittings to commercial and industrial customers to ensure the integrity of your fluid power applications. Our vast industry expertise makes us an authority on all the products we stock, source, and sell. You can rest assured that you are getting industry-best products from a supplier who truly understands your applications.

Our Hydraulic Hose Fittings:

At T-mex Express, we offer an extensive selection of hydraulic fittings for usage in a variety of industries, such as the maritime, automotive and power generation sectors. Because of their ability to withstand high pressure, chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures, they are perfect for use in conditions where less resilient materials would eventually lose their ability to resist. We provide components that are precisely matched to your application, eliminating any need for you to be concerned about coupling problems, leakage or other connectivity problems.

We advise considering a few factors while choosing hydraulic hose fittings so as to ensure the best results and application compatibility. Here are the vital considerations:

Seal Type: The kind of sealing used in hydraulic fittings is essential for leak-free connections and structural integrity maintenance. Some common examples of seal types include o-rings, cone seals and flat-face seals. Select the type of seal that best meets the needs of your application and offers dependable sealing under operating circumstances.

Pressure: Depending on application needs and load requirements, different pressure levels are used by hydraulic systems. If you want to avoid bursts, leaks or other malfunctions, you must use hose fittings whose pressure rating is equal to or higher than the maximum working pressure of the system. When choosing the right pressure rating for your fittings, take into account variables like peak pressure spikes and dynamic pressure fluctuations.

Temperature: The operating temperature range of your hydraulic system has a big influence on the lifespan and functionality of hose fittings. To ensure correct functioning and resilience against thermal expansion or contraction, select fittings suited for the temperature extremes experienced during operation. Take into account variables like the system's internal temperature variations and the ambient and fluid temperatures.

Media Compatibility: Hydraulic systems use a variety of hydraulic fluids, including water-based, mineral-based and synthetic fluids. To prevent swelling, corrosion, or chemical deterioration, you must use hose fittings that are compatible with the kind of hydraulic fluid that is used in your system. When evaluating media compatibility, take into account variables including additives, fluid composition and possible contaminants.

Explore Our Selection of Hydraulic Hose Fittings!

With next-day delivery available and outstanding customer service, T-mex Express is your premier supplier for all your hose fitting needs. Browse our product range online or contact us directly to speak with a competent representative who can assist you in finding the right hydraulic fittings for your exact requirements. Experience the difference that quality hydraulic hose fittings make with T-mex Express!

Let us help you achieve optimal performance and efficiency in your hydraulic operations!


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